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[성명] 제주 예멘 난민신청자 관련 유엔난민기구의 입장

첨부파일 :

등록일 : 2018-06-18 작성자 : 유엔난민기구 조회 : 4306

제주 예멘 난민신청자 관련 유엔난민기구의 입장


유엔난민기구는 최근 제주도에 도착한 예멘 난민신청자들의 상황을 예의주시하고 있다이와 같은 단기간의 대규모 난민신청은 제주도나 대한민국에 유례가 없었던 것으로심각한 인도주의적 위기로부터 피신한 예멘 난민신청자를 돕기 위해 한국 정부와제주도민들이 보여준 노력에 감사를 표한다.

대한민국은 1951 유엔난민협약에 가입한 소수의 아시아 국가  하나이자 독자적인 난민법을 가진 유일한 아시아 국가다대한민국에 보호를 요청하는 모든 사람의 난민신청은 신중하게 심사되어야 한다고 난민법이 규정하고 있다.

유엔난민기구는 예멘인은 물론한국에 도착하는 모든 난민  난민신청자와 관련하여 대한민국 정부를 조력할 준비가 되어 있다아울러 지금 현재폭력질서의 부재,대규모 실향기근  심각한 인도주의적 위기에 처한 예멘으로  어떤 예멘인도 강제송환 되어서는  된다는 것이 유엔난민기구의 단호한 입장이다.


UNHCR has been following closely the situation of recent arrivals of Yemeni asylum-seekers on Jeju Island. Arrival of such a large group of people in a short period of time is an unprecedented situation for Jeju Island and for Korea, and we commend the Korean authorities and the people of Jeju for the efforts they have made to assist the Yemenis, who are fleeing from one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.

Korea is one of the few countries in the Asian region who has signed the 1951 Refugee Convention and the only country which has a separate and dedicated law on refugees, under which any person seeking asylum in Korea will have their case carefully considered.

UNHCR remains at the disposal of the Korean government to provide technical advice and support on the processing of this and other refugee groups in Korea. It is UNHCR’s firm position that no Yemeni should be forcibly returned to his or her country at this time, due to the extreme nature of the humanitarian emergency in that country, which has resulted in violence, breakdown of civil order, widespread displacement and the looming threat of famine.



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