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FAQ - Resettlement  

What is Resettlement?

Resettlement is the transfer of refugees from an asylum country to another State that has agreed to admit them and grant them permanent settlement.  Resettlement is not a right, and there is no obligation on States to accept refugees for resettlement.


For further general information on resettlement please see UNHCR’s resettlement webpage. UNHCR also has specific frequently asked questions about resettlement (www.unhcr.org/4ac0873d6.html). UNHCR identifies individuals for resettlement in accordance with the criteria defined in Chapter 6 of the Resettlement Handbook


Currently the number of global resettlement places offered by resettlement countries to UNHCR is very limited. There are over 17 million refugees in the world of which less than 1% will be resettled in any given year. For the limited places available, UNHCR priorities refugees who are in the most vulnerable and unsustainable circumstances in countries of asylum which have not signed the 1951 Refugee Convention and offer no legal protection to refugees.


Can you help me to resettle to another country from Korea?

There is no resettlement programme to a third country from the Republic of Korea. The Republic of Korea provides refugees and asylum seekers a legal status to stay, a refugee status determination procedure, and relevant social welfare to support livelihood. Resettlement countries therefore prioritise the limited places for extremely vulnerable refugees in countries where their basic rights as refugees are not recognised.


Resettlement places offered to UNHCR by various countries are extremely limited. For these limited places, UNHCR prioritises extremely vulnerable individuals who are in very dangerous or unstable situations in countries which do not provide such refugees with any legal status or assistance.


Asylum seekers and refugees in the Republic of Korea who wish to travel or migrate to a third country should follow the relevant procedures and requirements for visa application to that country.   


UNHCR does not provide any letter of referral or confirmation of refugee status to individuals in Korea. This can only be done by the Korean authorities. 

*For French and Arabic, please refer to the attachments.




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