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[채용연장공고] Associate PSP Individual Giving Officer NOB 직급

Vacancy Announcement

UNHCR Representation in the Republic of Korea



[Vacancy Announcement] UNHCR Representation in the Republic of Korea recruits a position of Associate PSP Individual Giving Officer:


1. Position Title and No.: Associate PSP Individual Giving Officer 10024359


2. Type of Appointment: Fixed Term Appointment (FTA)


3. Position Grade: NOB


4. Please ensure to refer to the attached 1) Standard Job Description_ Associate PSP IG Officer_10024359 (PDF) and 2) Operational Context_ Associate PSP IG Officer_10024359 (PDF) for the responsibilities, qualifications and competencies of the vacant post.


5. Submission of Application:

- Eligibility: Candidates must be Korean nationals.

- Please send your applications (as listed below) to email admin@unhcr.or.kr with an applying job title and name by 11: 59 PM, Tuesday, 16 February 2021.

1) Letter of Application/Motivation

2) UNHCR Personal History Form

3) Reference Letters (Only after acceptance of post)

4) University Degree (Only after acceptance of post)

* Please do not put your resident registration number in any application documents specified above.

In case any certificate includes your resident registration number, please make sure to conceal the number not to be exposed.


6. Recruitment Schedule:

1) Applications submission deadline: 16 February 2021

2) Applications review: 17 February 2021 ~ 1 March 2021

3) Interview and written test: 8 March 2021 ~ 17 March 2021

* All shortlisted candidates will be invited to sit for written tests and oral interviews.

** Above mentioned recruitment timeline can be adjusted if required.





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